Madi – For always being very careful with school equipment and willingly sharing with others. Madi has a very kind and gentle manner.

Max – For demonstrating resilience in the classroom when faced with challenges and always doing his personal best in his work.

Emme – For her resilience when finding things challenging and working hard to achieve her personal best in all she undertakes.

Lottie – For always trying her absolute best to be a great friend. Lottie is always willing to assist other students who request her help

Matthew – For being a good friend and showing excellent cooperation with all his classmates.

Sam L – For showing respect by always using her manners and being courteous towards others.



Harry – For being a quiet and hardworking contributor to our classroom. Harry always sets an excellent example for others.

Paddy – For making a fantastic effort in his writing last week and producing an interesting story about magical eggs which he shared with the class.

Ted – For his positive attitude towards the NAPLAN tests, his listening skills and the work he completed on his Australian Animal inquiry.

Ben – For his outstanding ability to complete high level subtraction equations. Ben has made fantastic improvements in his maths this term.

Sadie – For working hard on her knowledge of times tables and achieving “Top Gun” status in the 4/5 classroom!

Amelia – For working hard to organise her ideas in the planning stage of her persuasive text.