Irie – For being very organised for swimming and able to independently dress herself and look after her own belongings.

Rowan – For demonstrating initiative and wanting to perform at his personal best at all times. Rohan displays a positive attitude and friendly nature.

Griffen – For doing his personal best in his swimming lessons and for his excellent start to the term with the quality of work produced. Well done Griffen!

Shania – For participating in swimming last week. Shania completed her personal best and improved every lesson. Great job Shania.

Olly – For demonstrating all four of the Axedale Values and showing great fitness during the swimming week.

Mollie – For showing respect, cooperation and resilience during swimming lessons. She was always ready to give her personal best each day.


Emily S – For confidently presenting her news items each week and taking the time to prepare her thoughts before the day. Emily is starting to speak in a loud and proud voice.

Lachie – For making an excellent effort in improving the standard and content of his writing in all of his work books. Well done Lachie.

Ryder – For making a positive start to the term with reading and completing a detailed story map for a narrative. Keep it up Ryder!

Hagan – For actively participating in mathematics. Hagan willingly shares his knowledge of percentages and division with his teacher and peers. Great work Hagan.

Danielle – For showing excellent improvement in her swimming technique last week progressing to the top level. Congratulations Danielle!

Abi S – For her determination to improve her swimming technique which saw her advance her swimming level.