Ellie – For always having a smile on her face and being kind and thoughtful and happy to help others when they are in need.

Lilly L – For showing kindness and support to her classmates when they are felling unsure about their work or a task in the classroom, offering them words of encouragement and ideas. Thank you for being a kind and cooperative classmate Lilly.

Phannika – For a great start at Axedale Primary School. Phannika has demonstrated all of the school values and always gives her best when completing work.

Charlotte H – For giving her personal best in all writing tasks. Charlotte demonstrated brilliant comprehension when answering questions on our class novel.

Sadie – For being a positive and supportive class member by encouraging others to ‘give it a go’ and challenge themselves.


Abbie – For listening carefully and following instructions promptly and with care. Abbie is always aiming to do her personal best in everything she does both in the classroom and outside.

Max – For writing a wonderful recount about his favourite holiday including who, what, when and where and trying his best to write using the whole line. Well done Max fantastic work.

Emme – For demonstrating her understanding of the main idea while working on her Sun Smart poster. Your art work was amazing.

Cooper – For showing improvement with his spelling. Cooper completes all tasks and is achieving excellent results on his weekly spelling tests.

Noah – For contributing to class discussions and completing all set tasks to extend his understanding in all subject areas.