Lily T – For being organised and ready to start all work pieces promptly. Lily keeps her work tools neat and tidy and her desk space neat.

Baxter – For always being a fantastic helper in the class, Baxter is always helping others to get packed up at the end of the day and puts all of the spare chairs away. Thank you for helping to keep our classroom tidy and helping your classmates.

Charlie – For helping others when completing our Learning Diaries. Your mentoring of others on using Power Point was appreciated by all. Great work Charlie.

Rachel – For showing the value of personal best when completing English and Maths tasks. Rachel works independently and seeks advice when necessary.

Matthew – For his enthusiasm and effort when participating in the Clean Up Australia Day around the Axedale community.


Taylah – For spending her reading time wisely reading a variety of material and being willing to help others with their words and sounds.

Cale – For being really focused and working hard on his descriptive writing about blue whales. Cale used some wonderful adjectives to describe the blue whale and drew a fantastic picture to go with it.

Nash- For consistently completing tasks to the best of his ability. You always want to improve what you are doing and work hard to do so. Well done Nash.

Hagan – For his writing efforts when drafting and editing his persuasive piece on dogs are better than cats.

Sam – For effectively using a writing template to plan and write her persuasive piece against testing on animals.