Our Newsletter is an important means of communication between school and home. We are currently looking into the options for distributing our newsletter to families. Feedback recently received indicates that many families prefer to access the newsletter via the uEducateUs app / website or our school website. We are also mindful of the paper used and photocopying costs of a hard copy newsletter. With this in mind, we are looking at trialling a new way of distributing our newsletter in Term 2. From the start of Term 2, newsletters will be distributed digitally, except if parents request to have a hard copy sent home. Newsletters will still be compiled and published every Thursday. Notes that require parent permission or an indication of participation will still come home as a hard copy. It is important that parents are in the habit of reading newsletters / notes carefully and responding to the contents as soon as possible. At the end of Term 2 we will assess the situation and make a decision for the remainder of the year. Please call the school if you have any queries.