There’s no doubt it’s been a challenging year for all school kids, but imagine trying to learn a new song, bit by bit, over a period of 9 months?

Learning an instrument is hard work, learning to play a song is even harder – learning to play in a band when your rehearsals are 3 months apart is near impossible. However, this group of Axedale PS girls has been brilliant. They’ve worked on their skills at home, they’ve discussed parts over webex and they’ve put in a super effort each time we’ve been able to have a band rehearsal – and then they produced this.

Well done Evie, Sadie, Emily, Danielle, Shania and Leila-Jean – you’ve produced an amazing performance. Not the year in band we hoped for, but you’ve made the most of it when given the chance.

Enjoy the performance everyone!

Mr Marsh