Parents/Carers are asked to complete the 2021 fee schedule that has been sent home and return to school by Monday 30th November so the school can prepare accordingly. A copy of each Grade levels fee schedule can be found below.

The schools preference is that all students receive the organised book pack from JI Office Products so all supplies are the same. The prices of these are very competitive as we are able to offer them as GST free supplies to families. If families choose to source their own book pack items the 2021 fee schedule form still needs to be returned with this marked so we know not to order the book pack. Thanks for your prompt return of this so we can place our book pack order.

Grade Prep 2021 Fee Schedule

Grade One 2021 Fee Schedule

Grade Two 2021 Fee Schedule

Grade Three 2021 Fee Schedule

Grade Four 2021 Fee Schedule

Grade Five 2021 Fee Schedule

Grade Six 2021 Fee Schedule

Please see below a link to the Department of Education & Training Parent Payment Policy

DET Parent Payment Policy