L.O.T.E. (Language Other Than English) INDONESIAN


Ms. Liana Elias teaches LOTE - Indonesian to the students each Wednesday.


Indonesia is one of our closest northern neighbours with a population ten times greater than Australia. Indonesia is a rapidly developing economy and is becoming increasingly important to Australia and our Region. It has important rainforest regions and rich biodiversity. It is very culturally rich and diverse with over 350 different ethnic groups and languages. Bahasa Indonsia is the national language.


In our LOTE Indonesian classes students are learning to Listen, Speak, Read and Write in Indonesian. In learning the language students also become aware of linguistic and cultural similarities and differences with our own language and culture.


Students are enjoying "playing with" this new language and are making excellent progress.


Parents are encouraged to take an interest and allow students to teach them some words.


Ibu Liana (Ms. Liana Elias)