Camp - Grades 1-2

This year’s Grade 1/2 Camp will be held at the Rotary Camp in Axedale on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd of August.

The Gr. 1/2 camp will provide all students with an opportunity to sleep away from home for a night, many for the first time, but in a location not far removed from their home, school and known environment. Our aim is that this option will make attending the Grade 3/4 and 5/6 camp a comfortable decision for all students when that opportunity comes around.


Ideally, we would like all Grade 2’s to sleep over. Grade 1’s have the option of sleeping over, or getting picked up around 8pm on the Thursday night and being dropped back at camp at about 8.00am on the Friday in time for breakfast. We are also happy for Grade 1’s to aim to stay over with the option of a night time phone call to parents for a pick up if sleeping over is proving to be difficult.


As we are aiming to build independence in a safe and known environment, parent help at the camp won’t be required.

Grade 1/2 Camp Permission Note
Grade 1/2 Camp Medical Information Form
Grade 1/2 Camp Medication Form
Grade 1/2 Camp Clothing List

Grade 1/2 First Camp Note